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"Our Summer with Our Families" a media campaign launched by Qatar Foundation for Social Work

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"Our Summer with Our Families" a media campaign launched by Qatar Foundation for Social Work
Doha – Social Work

Qatar Foundation for Social Work has launched a media campaign on social media platforms titled "Our Summer with Our Families". The campaign aims to enhance family relationships and communication during the summer. The campaign is part of the Qatar Foundation for Social Work's commitment to promoting awareness of the importance of family relationships and strengthening social ties. The campaign highlights the role of the centers under the umbrella of the foundation in offering various summer programs and activities that meet the needs of Qatari families and residents.

The campaign aims to encourage families to participate in cultural, recreational, and innovative sports activities, all of which contribute to opening new horizons for children and young people and increase interaction among family members. The campaign also reflects the Foundation's commitment to promoting social culture among members of the Qatari community, by raising awareness about the importance of summer activities in shaping the personalities of children and adolescents and contributing to the development of their future skills and abilities.

Commenting on this campaign, Ms. Noor Al-Muhanadi, Director of Media and Communication at the Foundation, emphasized that this campaign is an important step in the context of the efforts being made by the Foundation to promote family cohesion and social ties in the Qatari society. She said: "We hope that the various summer activities offered by a large number of centers and specialized entities will enhance communication among family members and help strengthen their ties. We also look forward to encouraging more families to participate in various cultural, recreational, and sports experiences through awareness and education about the importance of these positive practices for the individual, the family, and the society in general." She added that the Foundation's centers strive to design a variety of programs that meet the needs of family members and support the future challenges of children, youth, women, people with disabilities, the visually impaired, and the elderly."

She added: "We believe that collaboration with official entities, and public and private bodies is extremely important for achieving our social objectives. We look forward to achieving fruitful cooperation in the future to enhance the quality of life for all families."

During the summer period, Nama Center organizes a "Lifestyle Improvement" program from July 24 to mid-August, as well as a "Youth to Youth" program that will launch in the coming month. Aman Center also arranges a series of workshops in some summer clubs, such as the "Al-Khuzama" summer program, which is implemented in collaboration with Qatar Charity from July 16 to 27 of this month.